About Quercus

Quercus is an exceedingly reputed and well-known winery in Slovenia. The wine estate remains renowned across the entire globe for its excellent wines. The drinks produced by Quercus are of the highest quality. They retain and deliver an intense fruity fragrance and fresh taste, leaving the consumers wanting and demanding more.

The vineyards owned by Quercus lie in the municipality of Brda, in the western region of Slovenia. The land nestles between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, allowing the area to experience optimum climatic conditions beneficial for growing and harvesting various grapevine varieties. On top of that, the soil of the terroirs and parcels of the Brda municipality, named “Opoka,” allows the wines produced and sold by Quercus to retain a distinct and varietal character that represents the qualities and attributes of their place of origin.

Quercus works with terraced vineyards on the steep slopes of Brda. It compels the workers and employees at the winery to cultivate the lands manually. It, in turn, creates perfect conditions for producing outstanding wines with complex personalities and characteristics. On top of that, Quercus implements sustainable practices and principles in its viticulture, production, and vinification processes. Such an approach allows the winery to ensure each wine variety it produces retains its class and standard, never disappointing wine enthusiasts and consumers.

The wines developed and marketed by Quercus remain characterised by fresh and full flavours. They deliver superior taste, aroma, texture, and mouthfeel. It, in turn, allows the products and drinks sold by the winery to go and pair well with a broad range and category of Mediterranean dishes and cuisine. In addition to that, Quercus does not utilise or add any additive in its production process. Thus, the wine estate’s wines retain their pure fruitiness and natural qualities till the last drop.

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