Quinta do Infantado

Quinta do Infantado

About Quinta do Infantado

Quinta do Infantado is a Portugal wine label that has been revolutionising the wine market ever since 1979. It changed the scene of the bottled Ports ever since it started making high-quality, estate wines from grapes sourced from the best of the vineyards located in Portugal. Thanks to this brand, the small winegrowers of Portugal got their due, which had been denied to them for a long time.

Located in the scenic town of Pinhao in the sub-district of Gontelho, the Quinta do Infantado Estate has a rich history. In the 19th century, this estate was owned by the Roseira Family. Today, many generations later, the young Roseira family members take full control of the viticultural and winemaking processes that happen here.

Even today, you will be surprised to notice very traditional winemaking practices followed in the winery of Quinta do Infantado. The soil quality of the terroir is very hard and the vines are planted on terraced farms, which lead to the unique Melo-seco style of grapes cultivated in this part of the world. Melo-seco is nothing but the Portuguese term for medium-dry. 

Though the Cima Corgo region of the Douro Valley, where the Quinta da Infantado estate is located, is considered to be the best place for Port and dry wines, it is only in the last 50 years that these vineyards have become extremely popular.  The vineyards of Portugal are highly structured and rated from A to F based on their quality.

All the 46 hectares that belong to the Quinta da Infantado label are rated as A, because of their potential to produce premium grand crus. Some of the wines produced by this label are:

  • Douro Tinto Dry Red – Made from Touriga Nacional
  • White Port – Made from the native Gouveio varietal

Only cultured yeasts are used for fermenting the wines and centuries-old wooden casks are used for ageing the wines.

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