About Racines

Racines is a renowned winery in the United States of America that started as a venture and plan of two traditional houses and families from France. The wine estate was established by well-known vignerons Rodolphe Péters and Étienne de Montille. In addition to that, Justin Willett, the founder and winemaker of Tyler Winery, joined their purpose. Racines served as and represented Rodolphe and Étienne’s first project beyond France. The winery signified the amalgamation of all the marvellous things and aspects of Champagne, California, and Burgundy. 

Racines symbolised a chance or opportunity to make something unique and new for Rodolphe and Étienne. It helped liberate the two individuals from the weight and burden of history. It came with their winemaking passion and profession in their respective villages of Champagne and Burgundy. 

The vineyards of Racines that spread over 30 hectares receive the blessings of nature that promote the growth of several grapevine varieties. They get the cold and refreshing winds in the Santa Rita Hills. It comes from the nearby ocean. On top of that, the region experiences an appropriate and beneficial amount of sunlight exposure and rainfall. It makes the terroir one of the highest-standard ones. It stands true compared to all the others spread across the globe. 

The winery implements organic farming practices alongside biodynamic methods. It conserves and protects the natural essence and quality of the land. 

The wines produced by Racines combine different and distinct perspectives such as balance and elegance. Nevertheless, they represent and express the terroir of their origin, preserving the natural qualities of the parcels. The taste, aroma, and flavour of the drinks complement the extensive skills of the winemakers. Overall, the wines are produced with the intention and objective of maintaining precision and consistent quality that can leave the drinkers pleased and delighted.

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