About Radio-Coteau

If you are looking for some of the best wines from the Sonoma County and Anderson Valley regions, you should try the wines from the Radio Coteau label. A major highlight of this label is the vineyards that are neatly segregated into plots based on the varietal grown in them.

In the year 2012, Eric Sussman, inspired by the premium wine area of Burgundy, in France, bought a 42-acre vineyard in the Occidental Town. The area was segregated into various soil ranges for growing different grapes. Eric understood the potential of this vineyard when he came across a dry and unique Zinfandel varietal planted here, a quality that he had never seen in California.

This led him to acquire the property from its then owner, Robert Von Weidlich. Currently, the slots available in the vineyard are as follows:

Chardonnay – 3 acres, planted in 2014

Pinot Noir – 10 acres, planted in 2014 and 2016

Zinfandel – 7.1 acres, planted in 1946 and 1981

Garden – dedicated to growing organic fruits and vegetables

Syrah – 1.7 acres, planted in 1999

Biodynamic farming practices are carried out in the vineyard to protect the soil, environment and the overall quality of the grapes. No chemical fertilisers are used in the vines, as a result of which, the grapes are quite intense and full-bodied.

Radio Coteau is a label that gives extreme importance to the soil quality of its vineyards. Located over the top of a ridge in Occidental, this estate has traces of an ancient seabed for providing excellent fertility to the soil here. Another part of the Sonoma Coast shares its borders with the Russian River Valley and Green Valley. The moderate rainfall and the cool winters of this coastal place are ideal for growing the dry, unique, Zinfandel varietal.

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