Raen Winery

Raen Winery

About Raen Winery

Established in 2013, Raen Winery is a vineyard of Pinot Noir that focuses on yielding and producing lifted and aromatic wines of elegance and finesse. Brothers Dante Mondavi and Carlo Mondavi were the founders of the winery. The venture started when they decided to operate independently after working under their father in his job of building Continuum. 

The brothers travelled to West Sonoma Coast with the aim and intention of working with Pinot Noir in the cold and refreshing climate to produce world-class wines. The story of Raen Winery begins in the untouched territory where the meadows and the forest meet the Pacific Ocean. The undertaking was possible due to the knowledge and hands-on experience gained from their grandfather Robert Mondavi and father Tim Mondavi. Tim was a reputable forerunner for the world of Pinot Noir in California in the early years of the 1970s. He had high regard for the renowned and delectable wines of Burgundy. Dante and Carlo dedicate the source of their inspiration and excitement of their unique winery to the passion their father had for Pinot Noir. 

The vineyards of Raen Winery remain located on the hills around the Sonoma Coast. The area provides diversity in the elements of climate, soil, and elevation, allowing for the production of wines with outstanding, unforgettable, and desirable elegance, length, and expression. The farming style implemented resembles the methods and practices that the Mondavi family ancestors followed when they began working and farming with Pinot Noir over a hundred years ago. Raen Winery follows and respects an operating system in which they honour the fruit they grow and the nature around the winery. 

The workers at Raen Winery believe that their current success would have had been impossible without the steadfast determination and unbreakable desire that their forefather’s dreams carried.

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