Rancho Zabaco

Rancho Zabaco

About Rancho Zabaco

The birth of Rancho Zabaco took place in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County. Here, Zinfandel grapes were grown for over 150 years, making the produced wines a possession and expression of the land of their origin. Ever since its establishment, Rancho Zabaco has managed and continued to acquire and develop enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to the art of winemaking. They inspire several different and distinct wine lovers to find the hidden beauty, subtlety, and range of each variety of grapes used to create wines. 

In recent times, the community and estate of Rancho Zabaco have extended themselves throughout the broad expanse of Sonoma County. It starts from and in the Dry Creek. The property reaches up to the mountains above the valley native to the region. The famed vineyard of Monte Rosso lies in this area. It is renowned for its distinct and flavourful grapefruits. The grapevines of the land get used to producing the delectable Toreador Zinfandel and Monte Rosso wines.  

Although Rancho Zabaco and its produced wines have evolved and bettered themselves over time, the philosophy and belief of the winery remained the same. In each wine, the workers and staff aim to create and deliver an intense taste and flavour. They strive to do so without removing or affecting any of the unique characteristics and properties. These features get imparted from the vineyards of their origin to the grapevines and the grapes. 

Rancho Zabaco works by learning even the minutest details about its owned vineyards. This process aids them to leave behind the map showcasing their blend’s direction where more elegance layers over the intensity. The winery does not shy away from experimenting on their harvest to create wines with better flavour, aroma, character, and mouthfeel. This trialling provides them with more options during blending.

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