Rapaura Springs

Rapaura Springs

About Rapaura Springs

The history of Rapaura Springs remains closely associated and knitted with its founding family, the Neylon family. The story of the household begins with Mary and Richard Neylon. In 1862, they sent Margaret and Mary, two of their daughters, from Ireland to New Zealand. In 1867, the couple reached Dunedin in Southern New Zealand with the rest of their children. It was how their start in the country ensued and progressed. In 1883, the family shifted to Nightcaps located in Southland. They began to prospect for gold and coal. Alongside, they began to farm the land that exists to this day. 

Subsequently, the story of Rapaura Springs also started and continued. The Neylon family established and handled a grapevine nursery in 1999. They did so to propagate and grow different and distinct grapevines. It led to a partnership and alliance between the Wiffin and Neylon families. At that time, they bought the Riverside property. It led them to develop their first vineyard. Gradually, the family converted the orchards on the land to vineyards. It was in 2007 that Rapaura Spring produced its first vintage. 

Each bottle of wine produced by Rapaura Springs narrates the tale of their lifetime and existence in Marlborough. They depict the account of the water and nature surrounding the winery. The vineyards experience and enjoy the unique and beneficial macroclimate of the region. The wines developed by Rapaura Springs are excellent and of high quality. They are almost like a handiwork of the land, water, and climate of the region. 

Rapaura Springs follows a sustainable viticulture system. This approach permits the winery to encapsulate and express all the delightful flavours that Marlborough offers. The distinct aroma, taste, and mouthfeel of the wines produced by the winery deliver the characteristics and personalities of their terroirs of origin.

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