Renato Ratti

Renato Ratti

About Renato Ratti

Half way up a hill overlooking the main Barolo valley lies the Abbey of the Annunziata - Our Lady of the Annunciation - a priceless jewel of the 15th Century. Just as the friars of centuries past produced wines from the grapes grown along the hollow below the abbey, the area still produces wines of incomparable quality thanks to the respectful, yet innovative winemaking philosophy of Renato Ratti - a tradition that still lives on today thanks to the passion and commitment of his son Pietro.

From purchasing his first vineyard in Marcenasco in 1965, Renato Ratti was dedicated to respectful, yet innovative winemaking and from that moment, helped to define what Barolo has become today – one of the world’s  greatest wine regions. He encouraged concepts of cru  and single vineyard wines alongside the Barolo region; he  helped draft the rules and regulations of the coveted ‘DOCG’ label; and he perfected techniques to create a refined Nebbiolo, with the declared aim of obtaining the elegance, subtlety and longevity worthy of the variety's full potential.

After Renato Ratti's untimely death in 1988, his son Pietro took charge and carried on the work and mission that his father began in 1965, with the single minded purpose to retain the utmost respect for the grapes and the vineyards.

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