The history of Rex Hill dates back to the 1980s. Its legacy started when the agriculture of the area turned to agribusiness. Numerous farms and fields got left behind around that time. When visiting the Willamette Valley, Paul Hart and Jan Jacobsen, his wife, discovered an abandoned barn in that place and fell in love with the land and its beautiful surroundings. The two realised the potential of the commune or land. They cleared out the property and planted Pinot Noir. Over the years, they made subtle changes and additions to the property, leading to the growth of the grapevines and the winery, Rex Hill. 

In 2007, Jan and Paul handed over the ownership, management, and operations of the winery to the initiators of A to Z Wineworks, another family-owned winery in Oregon. Additionally, Bill Hatcher, Cheryl Francis, Sam Tannahill, and Deb Hatcher took the post of stewards. Since then, case productions at Rex Hill have reduced by approximately 80% to allow the produced wines to get refined to be of the highest distinction and quality. 

After the handover, A to Z Wineworks provided Rex Hill with a colossal amount of resources. They intended to refocus the winery as a luxury wine boutique with it. They aimed to offer unique and notable wines created solely with the most careful attention to detail. This commitment to superiority implies year-round alertness to vintage, climate, and site. 

Today, Rex Hill is known as a legacy in the winemaking business in Willamette Valley in Oregon. Its reputation gets enhanced by the 17-acre plot of land planted with Pinot Noir owned by the Rex Hill Estate Vineyard. The property and the workers tending to its operations respect and implement organic practices. They follow biodynamic principles with sustainable cultivation methods to create the highest standard wines.

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