About Ribbonwood

Located in the town of Marlborough, Ribbonwood is one of the most prominent and recognised wineries in New Zealand. The chateau got established by chemist and renowned winemaker Andrew Hadley. It was in 1993 that he shifted to New Zealand to pursue a career in the winemaking industry. 

Andrew Hadley hailed from England. Initially, he worked as the head winemaker for about 18 years at Framingham Estate. Andrew learnt and developed his skills in handling and producing wines from specific grapevine categories, such as Sauvignon Blanc. Although Andrew developed throat cancer a time down his career, he overcame the shortcoming and continued pursuing his passion and dreams. In 2019, the winemaker left Framingham to establish his winery. 

The name Ribbonwood originates from the tallest indigenous deciduous tree species of New Zealand, the Ribbonwood tree. The winery experiences various benefits of the Marlborough region that promotes and supports the winemaking process. For instance, the area receives suitable sunshine, wind currents, and rainfall. These factors help to grow sturdy and durable grape plants, free from most diseases and detrimental effects. On top of that, Ribbonwood implements modern, sustainable, and natural methods and techniques in the vineyards. The workers separate the planted grapevines by blocks and work on them individually. It, in turn, allows the winery to make superior and exceptional wines of high quality and standard. All of Ribbonwood’s products typically have a refreshing and acidic note. Thus, the wines go well with spicy foods like Indian or Thai dishes. 

Ribbonwood has a strict policy and responsibility to respect nature. Hence, the winery’s viticulture team plants over 1000 trees and native shrubs yearly. It helps enhance and promote the biodiversity of the area and the vineyards. In addition to that, it improves the existing wastewater management systems and reduces the carbon footprint.

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