Richard Kershaw

Richard Kershaw

About Richard Kershaw

Established in 2012, Richard Kershaw is one of the most renowned wineries in South Africa. The wine estate experiences a cool climate and weather. It allows the winery to get superior grape yields and produce excellent wines possessing top-quality taste, aroma, flavour, texture, and mouthfeel.

Initially, Richard worked as a chef and had a successful career in the field. However, he switched his area of expertise after realising his passion and love for wine. Richard travelled extensively, arriving in South Africa in 1999. By 2009, he became Kanu and Mulderbosch’s group winemaker. He achieved several other feats and accomplishments later in the line. For instance, he got awarded in 2011 as the Master of Wine. Richard’s endeavours and ventures in the winemaking industry laid the groundwork for establishing his distinct winery, Richard Kershaw.

Richard Kershaw focuses on producing outstanding wines that can appeal to and impress numerous people across the globe. Moreover, the wine estate aims for high-quality and site-specific clones of certain grape varieties, such as Syrah and Chardonnay. The winery gets aided in its purpose by the cool and refreshing climate of the Elgin region. Also, the high altitude and significant temperature differences between the day and night of the area help considerably. Furthermore, the Elgin region lies close to the ocean, allowing the vineyards to experience the cold and revitalizing wind currents and breeze.

Richard Kershaw’s wines produced from Chardonnay grapes offer a mineral and restrained style. The drinks emphasise elegance and deliver a fruity character with touches of oatmeal. Additionally, they possess a unique complexity acquired from the percipient wood. On the other hand, the winery’s wines made from the Syrah grape varieties offer precision and subtlety of tannins. The products deliver freshness, harmony, and balanced flavours of iodine, black pepper, medicinal notes, and black fruit.

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