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Western Australia is one of the most beautiful yet treacherous areas on the southwest coastline. The rugged coastline has had lots of shipwrecks. The ringbolt wreck happens to be one of these. It sunk in the 1800s in the area called Ringbolt Bay today. This is situated in the Margaret river at the southern tip, which is a wine region. It is close to cape Leeuwin. The Southern and Indian oceans embrace the area. The region has a temperate maritime climate. This creates some of the best conditions necessary for the growth of Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Ringbolt Australia utilises grapes from the Wilyabriun region near Margaret river. The area is also called the 'dress circle'. The sea, farmlands and forest surround the area. This gives the area a mild maritime kind of climate. The soil is rich, and fresh winds originate from the two oceans. In this environment, the grapes can grow free of diseases and pests. The vineyards near the river are planted on loam gravel soils. These, combined with the temperate conditions and sea breezes in the ripening period, led to the creation of some complex aromas and varietal characters. 

Ringbolt has a relationship with the local growers that have been there for a long time. This allows the winemaker to pick premium fruits from vineyards within the dress circle region. The vineyards that are dry-grown with low yields allow fine structuring and well balanced wines that show character harmony, which is consistent every year. 

The Hill-Smith family is the estate owner, and the winemaker is Heather Fraser. In the area, there is high rainfall in winter. The sea breezes are the best for cooling the fruits allowing superior Sauvignon to be produced. The conditions can be noticed in the wines produced here. Ringbolt Australia has established itself over the years, and today, the estate stands in its own right, producing some of the best wines available. With years of experience, the winery shows great growth potential for the future.

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