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Riva Leone, the Italian wine company, is one of the many reputed brands of Mack & Schuhle. Mack & Schuhle is one of the leading wine distribution companies in the world. It produces and distributes wines of its own brand and other top producers as well. It takes care of the cultivation, distribution and promotion of wines right from the vineyards to the bottling stage. Currently, this company is the top wine distributor in German-speaking countries.

Riva Leone, based in the wine-rich Piedmont region of Italy, is a classic and authentic wine created by people who were passionate about the art of winemaking and the enviable terroirs of Piedmont. Riva Leone, the founder of this label, spent many years in the regions around the Alba Hills to understand the potential of the place. Thanks to his experience, he developed an eye to identify high-quality wines produced in this region.

Piedmont, located at the foothills of the Alps Mountains, is one of the premium wine regions of the world. The fog of the mountains and the continental climate help to grow some of the rare and indigenous Italian grapes such as Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco and the white varietal of Gavi. Riva Leone wines are made from:

Gavi – This is a white wine made from Gavi grapes grown in the classic Piedmont region. The light yellow colour of the wine, with its strong green apple fragrance, is a hit among wine lovers.

Barbera – This red wine is known for dark reddish-purple colour. It comes with a pleasant aroma of fresh and ripe plums.

Barbaresco – This varietal from the Piedmont region is a class apart from others, indeed! With its bright red colour and earthy aromas, this wine is intense.

Barolo – Known to be one of the best Italian indigenous varietals, this wine from Riva Leone is a structured wine with flavours that last for a long time.

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