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Robert Oatley

About Robert Oatley

Robert Oatley is a family-owned winery in Australia. Though this brand's history dates back to over 40 years ago, this label was registered as a wine company only in 2006. This company is the result of the winemaking passion of a proud Australian Robert Oatley (1928-2016). After his death, his son, Sandy Oatley, continues to run this winey with the same passion to date. The first vines of this family estate was planted in the 1960s in Australia's premier wine regions of Margaret River and McLaren Vale.

Today, sustainable winemaking techniques are followed in the Oatley's vineyards located in Margaret River and Great Southern (Western Australia) and McLaren Vale (Southern Australia). Here is an overview of these three vineyards where grapes for Robert Oatley wines are cultivated.

Margaret River – Considered as Australia's most important wine-producing area, this place is known for producing the finest quality of Bordeaux grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. The Chardonnay grown here is considered to be of the best quality all over Australia.

Great Southern – This region comprises many small districts that have diverse soil qualities. Thanks to the terroir quality and soil richness, this region is known for producing the highest quality of Riesling in Australia. However, this place also grows some scintillating reds.

McLaren Vale – This region is known for producing traditional-style and unique Shiraz and Grenache varietals. Full-bodied textures and low alcohol content are the special features of the fruits grown here.

The wines produced here are classified into three ranges. They are:

Signature Series – These are maritime-influenced wines that reflect the character of a selected portfolio of vineyards. 

Finistree – This range focuses on single-vineyard wines made from a single varietal. Chardonnay from Margaret River, Cabernet Sauvignon from Margaret River and Syrah from Great Southern's Justin Vineyard is focused here.

Pennant – There are the best of the best barrels wines created from some of the most premium vineyards in Australia.

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