Rudi Pichler

Rudi Pichler

About Rudi Pichler

Located in the Wosendorf municipality of lower Austria, Rudi Pichler is a famous brand that is known for its exotic white wines made from Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, Weissburgunder and many more. The wines created here reflect the unique climatic conditions that prevail in the wine-region of Wachau, where the brand’s vineyards are located.

The soils found in each of the following vineyards are highly diverse, which results in unique flavours of grapes produced here.

  • Kollmutz – Made from age-old rocks known as paragneiss, the soils in the Kollmutz vineyards have gone through different ages of erosion and are over a million years old. The soils are sandy and calcareous in nature. They are rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium and manganese, which explains why fruits grown here are extremely intense.
  • Kirchweg – These vineyards give a scenic view of the historic church, which the local residents of Wosendorf frequent regularly. The presence of the sediments carried by the Danube River, makes the soil sandy and coarse in texture. This soil is rich in alluvial content, and it is perfect for growing full-bodied Riesling varietals.
  • Hochrain – Here, the soils are full of loess content, which are deposited here by the Western Winds that flow through this region. Loess makes the soil look grainy with a lot of calcareous silt content in it.
  • Achleithen – With a blend of sand and stone particles in their texture, the soils of Achleithen have little or very minimal limestone content unlike the soils of other vineyards. The history of how the soils were formed here dates back to over 350 million years ago.

All of these vineyards are spread across a total area of 10.5 hectares. Green Valtellina (55%) and Riesling (35%) are grown in plenty here. Other white varietals grown in small parcels are Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Red Veltliner.

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