About Rumor

A bunch of friends in search of the ideal pink wine gave rise to RUMOR Rosé. After spending many years in the business world, the company's founder, Barry Bayat, decided to discover the perfect cuvée. In his search, he went on numerous winery visits, vineyard inspections, and taste tests. He eventually arrived in the village of Flassans-sur-Issole, which is located in the southern French region of the Var hills. Since the Knights Templar established the estate in the 13th century, it has preserved its agricultural and winemaking traditions, which are evident in RUMOR Rosé. This rich history makes it one of the gems of Provence. Together with the winemakers, Bayat has crafted an exquisite blend using only the best grapes from every harvest at the vineyard.

The piece of land with a collection of grapes stretching back 2,000 years is chosen for its specific position due to how the sun, weather, elevation, and all the other factors affect the wine differently. These grapes are grown in clayey soil with rocks and are mostly limestone based, as it is native to that area. In order to achieve the ideal acidity ratio for the palate, their renowned winemaker carefully chooses the varietals and creates a blend of grapes that are particularly Provençal, including Grenache, Vermentino, Cinsault, Shiraz, and Tibourin. Their winemaker harvests the grapes at the ideal temperature, coordinates the fermentation, and handles the grapes with the least amount of interference possible.

At Rumor, pure rosé is produced with vegan, organic grapes with no remaining sugar. This demonstrates their comprehension of the benefits of chemical-free wine for both people and the environment. Additionally, the vineyard is meticulously cared for in accordance with organic principles and with complete regard for the local Mediterranean ecosystem and surroundings. To safeguard centuries-old winemaking customs and the delicate flavour of each grape type, fertilisers, pesticides, or insecticides are absolutely forbidden throughout the manufacture of Rumor. All these environmentally friendly methods produce a sophisticated, well-balanced, and palatable rosé that is the ideal shade of pale pink and has a mouth-watering flavour.

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