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Rupert & Rothschild

About Rupert & Rothschild

The winemaking history of the Rothschild winemaking is rooted in France. This was when James de Rothschild got possession of the Bordeaux estate chateau Lafite back in 1868. This is where he got passionate about vines, which has continued for years. His great-grandson continued the legacy. The grandson, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, was motivated by the desire to create the finest wines all over the world, and he established some outstanding wineries within Europe and later in different parts of the world. This collection forms his heritage. 

On Rupert’s side, Dr. Anton Rupert was driven by optimism and determination and had always been an entrepreneur. The late Rupert was great at building businesses from the ground up, and with his wife, they had a reverence for the natural world, people, art, and South African wine. They committed a lot of energy and years cultivating great estates to bring the best wine to the world. 

In May 1997, Rupert and Rothschild was born. Baron Edmund de Rothschild was already established well in the old world and wanted to take the expertise and passion he already had to other regions. The main aim was to nurture pedigree wines in other lands. When he met Dr. Rupert, a joint venture on the south African soils was formed. This was formalised, and they found a good site at Simons Berg Mountain on a Franschhoek farm. The two decide to take a French approach to crafting wines expressing the potential of local vines. 

Together, they made iconic wines that set new standards. These were unique and rare wines that boosted friendship and prosperity. The wines were created not for pride or profit but for the love of wine. The coming together of the late baron Edmond de Rothschild and the late Dr. Anton Rupert helped establish the outstanding Rupert and Rothschild vignerons, and shared a vision. It is the next generation of the two families that uphold the legacy of their fathers. 

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