Rutherford Hill

Rutherford Hill

About Rutherford Hill

Rutherford is located on a hill and commands the most spectacular view that overlooks the napa valley Rutherford bench. It is one of the vineyards in napa that embraces tradition in the creation of the most legendary wines in the region. It was in 1972 when Rutherford hill founders recognised what a unique opportunity presented itself in the region. It was about the valley and the climate in the region. It was very similar to Pomerol and was a good choice for merlot. 

The Terlato family bought the winery in 1996, and they embraced their commitment, which is legendary, to quality over quantity. They were pursuing excellence, and it all began with comprehensive reviews of different property aspects that resulted in the most significant enhancements to the wine portfolios for character and complexity. 

Antony Terlato started it all, and today, his children, John and Bill Terlato continue the legacy by working with Rutherford Hill winemakers taking advantage of the challenges they face to keep improving the wine. Since Rutherford hill was acquired by the Terlatos, high standards were, and are still evident. 

Rutherford hill insists on quality, and this can only be achieved when you create an environment that helps preserve wines given the consideration, care, and time required. The company has a facility that is used for wine production, and this has taken shape since 2000. The winery is 5100 square feet and costs over 7 million dollars to complete. The addition has 24 tanks used for fermentation that range from 1500 to 6000 gallons. This is self-contained and has press and refrigeration capabilities. The tanks are jacketed for cooling and warming glycol. There is a harvest crew as well. 

Rutherford Hill has invested in creating the most ideal wine storage environments. This was achieved by creating caves and investing in pallet stacking systems in the caves. This allows American and French wine-filled oak barrels to age within the best storage environment and humidity. This leads to lower wine evaporation, helping to create lower alcohol-concentrated wines. 

More vineyards have also been acquired on a long-term basis to help with the continuity of excellence in the company.

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