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San Marzano

About San Marzano

In the year 1962, 19 winemakers of the San Marzano village in the Primitivo di Manduria DOC region of Italy, joined hands to form the Cantine San Marzano wine label. One of the major highlights of this union was that during that time, the village didn’t even belong to a formal appellation, but still the winemakers came together to create a label that was to produce wines that represented the true terroirs of Italy.

The first bottle of Cantine San Marzano was released in the market during 1996. The funds for this release were sponsored by the members who belonged to this association. It was after this period that the product started becoming a big brand and a profitable venture.

In the year 2002, the group released its flagship wine, the Sessantanni. This wine was created to highlight the quality of the local terroirs and to respect the viticultural practices followed by the local winegrowers of the region. Made from the indigenous Primitivo grapes, this wine went on to become one of the most reputed and loved international wines of the region. The grapes for this wine were cultivated in the San Marzano and Sava regions of Italy.

Some of the popular wines from this label are:

Liboll – Made from 80% Chardonnay, 10% Bombino and 10% Minutolo

Timo – Made from 100% Vermentino

Edda – Made from Chardonnay mostly

F – Made from Negroamaro

The San Marzano wines are the ones that display the characteristics of the indigenous Italian grape varietals to the maximum possible extent. Though Prmitivo is the predominant grape varietal cultivated on the vineyards here, the San Marzano group also focuses on the growth of other varietals such as Chardonnay, Malvasia Bianco, Malvasia Nera, Fiano, Negromaro and Merlot. In the year 2o15, the group restored the 16th-century farmhouse, Masseria Samia, as part of its research facility.

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