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San Polo Montalcino was started in 2007 in the San Polo Estate to turn it into a premier winery by combining the historical appellation of wine-making with the emerging entrepreneurial opportunities. Over the years, the estate recognised its responsibility to the environment, adopting an eco-friendly approach in all its activities and focussing more on sustainability. 

The estate is located in Podernovi, on Montalcino’s southern slope. The windows, vantage points and knolls of the two farmhouses’ of the estate point towards the Tuscan landscape of the Old Masters. San Polo houses a state-of-the-art wine cellar and is driven by the aim of maximising the terroir’s intrinsic potential. They ensure that the products’ quality is the top priority and carry out a responsible context where both man’s efforts and the natural environment is integrated into a complete unit. 

The estate makes its wines from the vines of Montalcino, renowned worldwide for the quality of grapes and wines. The soils are rich in fossils, is calcareous with deposits of limestone and clay. The vineyards of San Polo are situated at an elevation of 450m above sea level with south or south-western exposure, making it the perfect growing place for the Sangiovese variety of grapes. The location on a hilltop provides constant ventilation for the vineyards, reducing the risk of frost attacks, fogs and parasite attacks, ensuring optimum growth of the grapes. 

The San Polo Estate has two vineyards: the San Polo and the Monteluc. The San Polo has 4000 vines per hectare, while the Monteluc has 7000 wines per hectare. Eco-friendly cultivation practices like the use of manual compost and manual harvesting when the grapes are fully matured are practised in the vineyards. The vines have a good balance of foliage and fruit, with high concentrations of aromatic substances, polyphenols and sugar as they have a restricted number of buds, minimum fertilisation and high plant density. 

The cellar of San Polo is a reflection of the production objectives and the identity and uniqueness of the estate. Underground tunnels channel the cool air before they enter the cellar. The overhead flues expel the warm air after redirection by the ceilings’ curved frames. The underground spring further cools the environment. 

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