About Sandeman

The Sandeman winery was first established in 1790 by brothers George and David Sandeman. Eight years later, David quit and moved on to a different job, leaving George Sandeman to handle the affairs of the winery.  With its headquarters in Portugal, the Sandeman winery is quite famous for its Port & Sherry brand of wines. When you go on a wine tourism tour to Portugal, you cannot afford to miss the Sandeman winery.

The Sandeman wine cellars are very popular and should be visited by wine lovers, without fail. You can find the Quinta do Seixo Wine Centre, the cellar of the Sandeman winery, right in the heart of the Douro Valley. You can book one of the many wine tours to enjoy a walk around the cellars and understand more about the authentic winemaking process of the most popular wine in Portugal. You can also get to taste some of the special Porto wine, which has been created by wineries here. When you opt for premium tours, you get a chance to taste three categories of wine –white, ruby and tawny.

Sandeman Porto and Sandeman Sherry are the two main varieties brewed in the Sandeman winery. The cellars of this winery are considered to be one of the best in Portugal for tasting wine. A man dressed as the trademark Sandeman Don (the person, whose logo you will find on all the bottles of wine from this winery) will take you through the process of wine-making and the significance of the cellars when you opt for a wine tour here. 

You will be surprised to the multiple barrels holding gallons of wines in them in different stages of maturation. You will get to know the process of ageing and why certain varieties of grapes are fermented in a different way than the other grapes. 

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