Santiago Ruiz

Santiago Ruiz

About Santiago Ruiz

The history and story of Santiago Ruiz begins with the founder of the same name. Santiago belonged to a family of winemakers known for producing drinks since the late 19th century. It marked his venture into the winemaking industry when he continued his family’s traditions and practices and established his distinct winery in San Miguel de Tabagón.

Santiago Ruiz gets revered as the “Father of Albariño” and not without reason. The winemaker has excellent and mesmerising skills and immense knowledge when it comes to the craft of developing and producing world-class wines. Nevertheless, Santiago’s chase after his dreams and aspirations had not begun until he was in his 70s. With retirement from his job as a naval insurance and machinery salesman, the winemaker could finally dedicate himself to his vocation and pursue his goals.

Santiago’s passion for winemaking and his innate curiosity for the craft allowed him to make continuous and favourable improvements in the wine production processes. He incorporated several new and beneficial innovations, like stainless steel and cooling tanks. In addition, his hard work and efforts played a significant role in the foundation and establishment of Santiago Ruiz in 1984 and its uphill rise to fame.

The establishment and setup of Santiago Ruiz ushered the name and reputation of the Rias Baixas DO across the entire globe. The winery served as the region’s first ambassador and regenerated the Galician vineyards. Today, Santiago Ruiz makes high-quality wines through careful winemaking techniques and practices. The excellence gets represented in the attributes and characteristics of the wine estate’s products that have become famous among numerous people globally. In addition, the wines’ standards can get attributed and linked to the superior terroirs and vineyards owned by the winery. They allow the produced drinks to hold significant elegance and a perfect acidity balance.

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