Santo Santorini

Santo Santorini

About Santo Santorini

Today, Santo Wines is a perfect example of teamwork and authenticity. Established in 1947, the Union of Santorini Cooperatives is a huge organisation today. It has around 1200 active winegrowers as members today, making it the biggest organisation in the Santorini Island. The main aim of Santo Wines is to help the local vine cultivators of Greece and help sustainable farming in the region. Currently, this group produces the best and highest quality of wines in the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) of Santorini Island.

It was in 1985 that the first wine was bottled with the brand of SantoWines. There was no looking back for the group after this milestone. In 1993, the winery of Santo Wines was opened in the Pyrgos Village, and it was named “Wine Promotion Centre.” In the year 2000, the group revealed their mission, and for the last 2 decades, has been doing everything to stay true to its mission. The mission read – Collectivity-Quality-Authenticity-Sustainable Development.

In the year 2002, the legislation of the appellation of Santorini PDO expanded its collection by acquiring Vinsanto Wines. The year 2009 was an important one for Santo Wines. It was during this year that the European Union helped to collect funds for Santo Wines to conduct an 8-year promotional campaign in the name of “Wines from Santorini” in the American Market. This helped the wines of Santorini to earn global recognition.

The very next year (in 2010), the legislation of the appellation of Santorini PDO acquired the Santorini Fava brand as well. Three years later, this PDO further expanded its collection by acquiring Santorini Tomato. After the 7-year promotional campaign project ended in the USA by 2018, SantoWines again got the help of European Union funding to launch a 3-year campaign, but this time in the USA and Canada markets as well.

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