About Scarzello

Located in the commune of Barolo, Scarzello is a distinguished winery in the Piedmont region of Italy. The wine estate expands over five hectares of land, following traditional practices and methods to plant the grapevines and produce the wines. 

Scarzello owns some of the best vineyards and terroirs in the Piedmont region. The top crus allows the winery to make some of the best wines appreciated by people all across the globe. Conventionally, all products of Scarzello have silky and smooth textures with intense colour, flavour, and aroma. The soils in the region remain influenced by their respective positions in the mountain area. For instance, the hilltops have alluvial deposits. The bottom of the mountain has clay-limestone-type soil, on the other hand. Overall, the proportion or quantity of sand in the terroir determines the subtlety and flavour of the produced wines. Thus, Scarzello pays special attention to where it plants a specific variety of grapevine to achieve the best possible result. 

The processes adopted at Scarzello remain true to tradition. For instance, it uses lengthy maceration procedures and ageing in large casks. However, the winemakers and staff incorporate their instinct whenever and wherever necessary to bring out the full potential of their wines. It can get seen in the wine release practice. Scarzello markets the products when it deems them ready instead of proceeding sequentially. 

Furthermore, Scarzello implements eco-friendly techniques to improve its existing system and methods. The wines get fermentation using wild yeast, and they undergo long ageing processes. It allows the winery to determine and obtain a perfect balance between the land and human intervention in the winemaking process. Thus, all the wines produced by Scarzello have terroir-driven charm, character, and flavour that can effortlessly get said to be one of the best in the entire wine industry.

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