Schloss Johannisberg

Schloss Johannisberg

About Schloss Johannisberg

Schloss Johannisberg has had a long winegrowing history spanning 1200 years. Riesling has been cultivated in the land since 1720. This is where the world's noblest and oldest grape varieties were born. Schloss Johannisberg has a long history of pride, responsibility, and passion, allowing Riesling production. 

The terroir at Schloss Johannisberg is one of the fundamentals that make it stand out. It lies on 50 acres of land and faces south. It is a quartzite hill standing before the taunus mountains. The inclination is some 45 degrees. This mountain then extends to 182m above sea level. It is this that exposes the grapes to perfect sunshine. Combined with the passion for the best quality, this is how exceptional wines are made. 

The vineyard is on the 50th parallel north right. Here, there is a big difference between night and day temperatures. This is very important in promoting taste and aromatic grape components. Schloss Johannisberg has 300 hectares of forest that lies north of the property. It is the oak wood that grows here that is utilised to create wooden barrels used in wine production. The wood has a natural texture, and the ingredients add structure and influence the quality and character of the wine. 

The company has an underground cellar where the Schloss Johannisberg famous treasury lies. This is called bibliotheca subterranea. Here, around 25,000 great wines are stored within the 900-year-old abbey cellar. The cellar is kept in the best conditions. It is a place where wines can mature for many years. One of the oldest wines in the cellar dates from 1748. 

Schloss Johannisberg has a long history, especially in the vineyard growing, even though, at first, the Benedictine monastery was constructed here. Riesling was planted here in 1720, and was the first Riesling vineyard closed. There have been many strides and progress made by the company. One of the greatest setbacks was when it was bombed and partially destroyed during World War II.

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