Schloss Vollrads

Schloss Vollrads

About Schloss Vollrads

Schloss Vollrads is the German wine brand that is known for its exclusive and unique Riesling wines. The history of this family-owned label can be traced back to as early as 1097. The family has been planting, making and selling wines ever since. When this family of von Grieffenclau met Schloss Vollrads, the founder of the German Pradikat Wine Estate in 1897, a lot of changes happened.

The winery, the family house and the cellars of this family and those of Schloss were acquired by the bank, Nassauische Sparkasse. In the year 2001, the winery of Schloss Vollrads was considered as one of the best in the world! Today, Schloss Vollrads is not just a winery, but a historic monument as well, because of its awe-inspiring architecture and class. The Friends’ Association of Schloss Vollrads, an organization which aims to renovate the cultural monument of the winery, currently takes care of the heritage property.

All the wines of Schloss Vollrads are made from 100% Riesling, but each one of them is different and unique from the others. Why? This is because every slot of the vineyards has a distinct geological structure, with varying levels of mineral contents, which result in the fruits having different flavours, aromas, complexities and intensities. In the Rheingau zone, one can spot at least six different geological formations, which makes the wines quite authentic in this part of the world.

Some of the Schloss Vollards wine types are:

Rheingau Riesling – Summer and Volratz are the two Riesling wines that are crafted using the grapes grown in the Rheingau area.

Quality wines – These are entry-level wines that include the Classic Schloss Vollrads and Classic Rheingau. These estate wines are great everyday wines.

Kabinett Wines - These wines are being crafted here since 1716. They bring out the maximum potential of the German Riesling as a part of a tradition.

Spatlese Wines – These are late-harvest Riesling wines that are sweet and acidic.

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