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Schug Winery

About Schug Winery

The origin and history of Schug Winery began with the venture of its founder Walter Schug. Walter served ten years at Joseph Phelps Vineyards as its founding winemaker. It was there that he gained relevant experience and hands-on knowledge. It helped him establish his distinct brand and label. Ever since his time there, he had always had a keen interest and passion in Pinot Noir and its wines. 

Walter began producing Pinot Noir wines under his label in 1980. It was the same year that Joseph Phelps Vineyards discontinued its production. About ten years later, he established the Schug Carneros Estate Winery. In 1992, it began making Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the estate. In 1993, Walter got accompanied by Gertrud, his wife. Their son, Alex, joined them in 1989 and took over the growth and sales management of the winery. Today, he holds the position of managing partner. Alex’s siblings, Andrea and Claudia Schug help him in his endeavour. 

In 2020, Schug Winery celebrated and marked the 40th anniversary of its first vintage. Henceforth, the winery ushered itself into a new chapter, adding modern touches into its winemaking practices. It implemented the changes into the traditional wines of European style. It allowed the drinks to emphasise and bring out their elegance. 

The rich taste of the wines produced by Schug Winery can also get owed to the superior standards of the terroir itself. The land remains blessed by a cool and refreshing climate. The wind-swept touch from the Carneros Hills adds to the flavour. Today, the Schug strive to preserve the natural qualities and characteristics of the land for their future generations to enjoy. Hence, they implement sustainable practices in their vineyards. In turn, it helps deliver an authentic taste and aroma in the wines produced by Schug Winery.

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