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Scotto Family Wines

About Scotto Family Wines

The story and origin of Scotto Family Wines date back to as early as 1883. It started when Salvatore Dominic Scotto initiated the production and sale of wine in his homeland on the Island of Ischia, lying off Italy’s coast. Salvatore was an officer working in the Italian Navy before he decided to pursue a winemaking career. Salvatore deemed it suitable to switch his livelihood owing to his immense love and passion for wine. He shared the fruits of his labour with his family, neighbours, and friends, allowing his wines to gain fame.

Salvatore passed down his skills to Dominic, his son. In 1903, Dominic moved to Brooklyn and continued his family’s business and legacy of winemaking. He got joined in his endeavours and ventures by his sons, Sal and Anthony Sr. The latter helped sell the homemade wines made by their father in five-gallon crocks with the help of a horse-drawn cart. After the onset of Prohibition in The United States of America, Sal and Anthony Sr. established Villa Armando. It went by the nickname of Rustico. Even today, Rustico is a renowned name in the wine industry, producing superior wines. It is now one of California’s most reputed and oldest wine labels and brands.

Scotto Family Wines was established by Sal and Anthony Sr. in 1933. They did so, aiming to sell superior-standard wines all across the globe. Today, the 5th generation of the Scotto family own and manage the winery and its vineyards. The proprietors take pride in treating their team as family members and collaborators, allowing them to operate efficiently and without discords. All staff and employees of Scotto Family Wines get encouraged to work freely and think creatively. It, in turn, allows the winery to achieve its aspirations and reach new levels in unique ways.

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