About Scribe

The story and endeavour of Scribe Winery initially began with Emil Dresel, a German pioneer. Emil set up a winery on a small plot in California in 1858 and named it Dresel & Co. However, the government declared and enforced a prohibition on winemaking and its production in 1919. Thus, Emil and his winery adopted an illegal approach to making the drinks, selling them in medicine bottles to avoid getting caught.

In 2007, Andrew Mariani approached the vineyards with the aim and dream of re-establishing and restoring Dresel & Co. He wished to breathe a new life into the land and its plots, bringing out the parcels’ inherent qualities and capabilities. It led him to establish Scribe Winery in 2007 by reconstructing a wine estate from the turkey farm on the property. Andrew got aided in his purpose by his younger brother Adam Mariani. Adam and Andrew hailed from a family of renowned Californian farmers. Thus, they had the requisite skills, talents, and knowledge to set up the winery and increase its name and fame.

Since its establishment, Scribe Winery has believed that the quality and standard of wines originate due to the healthy and harmonious relationship between nature and mane. Thus, the winery aims to exist in harmony with its vineyards and terroirs and operate without destroying the natural attributes and ecosystems of the land. It, in turn, allows Scribe Winery to produce excellent terroir-driven and vibrant wines.

On top of that, Scribe Winery aims to reduce and minimise human intervention and interference in its vineyards. The winery does so to retain the land’s inherent characteristics and qualities. It enables the wine estate’s wines to represent and reflect the parcels’ expressions and personalities. In addition to that, the drinks possess and deliver superior taste, mouthfeel, aroma, texture, and flavour.

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