About Segal

The story of Segal Winery started when Yankel Hirsh Segal emigrated to Israel with his family in 1925 and settled in the famed Tel Aviv city. Soon after the shift, Yankel, with his brothers Yehezkel and Elhana, established a distillery in Kirya or Sharona, a German colony in the region. It was the first alcoholic beverage-producing unit in Israel at that time.

The brothers soon gained immense fame and reputation in the city. In the 1930s, they received a request from the French rulers to establish and operate distilleries in Damascus and Beirut. It was the event that set the foundation of Segal Winery. In addition to that, it allowed the three wine enthusiasts and makers to gain experience and knowledge. In 1954, the brothers decided to focus and concentrate solely on the production and sale of wines. Thus, they shifted their existing winery to Ramle and renamed it the Zvi Vineyard.

In 1948, Zvi Vineyard changed its name to Segal Winery, setting the basis of the winery we know today. The wines produced by Segal have the company’s logo reproduced in the handwriting of Zvi Hirsh himself. Barkan Winery purchased the winery in 2001. Nevertheless, the latter’s products still get marketed separately. Furthermore, the change in management allowed Segal’s wines to receive more attention and get recognised and known for their quality.

Today, Segal Winery implements innovative techniques and practices in its viticultural and vinification processes under the supervision and guidance of its current owner, Ido Lewsinsohn. In addition, the employees and staff minimise human intervention in the cellars and vineyards. They implement whole cluster pressing and wild fermentation to achieve this goal. It allows the winery to produce superior standard wines that can deliver the natural characteristics and expressions of its parcels and terroirs, emphasising its Israeli roots.

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