About Senses

The story and history of Senses began as a dream and aspiration of three childhood friends, Max Thieriot, Myles Lawrence-Briggs, and Christopher Strieter. Since childhood, the three wished to produce some of the best wines and set up their distinct winery. Their vision and ambition came true in 2011 when they established Senses Wines.

Max, Myles, and Christopher initiated their dream and goal of Senses Wines by farming and cultivating on historic and superior vineyards owned by their families. It consisted of Hillcrest and B.A. Thieriot. They got joined in their endeavour and venture by Thomas Rivers Brown, an acclaimed winemaker. It allowed Senses to produce and sell world-class wines from reputed vineyards. The hard work and effort of the three friends allowed the winery to become one of the best, appealing to consumers and drinkers globally. Today, the wine estate has expanded over an extensive area to cover several coveted vineyards throughout northern California.

The vineyards and parcels of Senses Wines remain spread across the region and area of Russian River Valley and the West Sonoma Coast of Sonoma County. The estate plots and terroirs expand across Hillcrest, Bodega Thieriot, and B.A. Thieriot. On the other hand, the grower vineyards remain spread across El Diablo, Dutton Palms, UV-Silver Eagle, Perry Ranch, Charles Heintz, Kanzler, and Terra de Promissio. All the parcels get planted, managed, cultivated, and harvested through sustainable practices and methods.

Senses believes that the standard and quality of its wines depend on its vineyards and their distinct and natural characteristics. Thus, the winery puts immense effort into the terroirs. In addition, it farms each vine meticulously. It tries and aims to reduce human intervention and interference in the fields as much as possible. It, in turn, allows the winery to produce wines with excellent finesse and complexity.

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