About Seppeltsfield

Founded in 1851, the Seppeltsfiled Winery is one of the oldest not only in Barossa Valley but in the whole of Australia. This winery was established by Joseph Ernst Seppelt, and the century-old Para Tawny is the flagship wine produced in this place till date. The vineyards of the Seppeltsfield are known for their ancient culture and rich heritage. Spread over 420 acres on the Western Ridge of the Barossa Valley, these vineyards look absolutely exotic and grand.

The Centennial Cellar that was built in 1878 is a must-visit destination, when you travel to the Seppeltfield Winery. Here, the flagship brand of Tawny is matured for 100 years, before they are released outside. The maturing process followed here is unique and something that is beyond your imagination. The tradition that was started in 1878 is followed even today, which makes the wines majestic and true representations of vintage collections.

The Gravity Cellar was constructed in 1888 by the Seppelt family members to make use of the maximum and natural force of gravity to push the fruit down into the winery, with the help of unique engineering brilliance. Since manual handling is eliminated by a large extent, the wines created by these grapes are true representations of the aroma, flavour, character and tannin of their fruits.

The Great Terraced Vineyard, which specialises in Grenache grapes cultivation, deserves a special mention when we talk about the Seppeltsfield Winery. The family took care of these vineyards very well and Grenache grown here were fully used for making fortified wines in the earlier days. Today, the winery makes still wines also with this varietal. The other varietals that are grown here are Shiraz and Cabernet and very little plantings of Touriga and Palomino. Traditionally, this winery was famous for hand-crafting tonic wines like invalid port and hospital brandy, which contained a lot of medicinal properties.

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