Sierra Cantabria

Sierra Cantabria

About Sierra Cantabria

Sierra Cantabria is one of the most popular wine labels not only in Spain but all over the world. The history of this brand dates back to 1870, and it is a family-run wine estate that is currently managed by the fifth generation. This family’s main philosophy is to give back to the earth what the earth has given them. For the last two centuries, they have been following this philosophy through their single-minded dedication and passion towards taking care of the terroir.

This wine label is determined to make wines that are one of the best in the DOCA Rioja. Currently, they have wineries across some of the best wine-producing regions in Spain such as the following:

  • Sierra Cantabria – Located at the foot of the Sierra, the San Vicente de la Sonsierra is a small but premium wine-producing region, where the cellars are located.
  • Vinedos Sierra Cantabria – The soil, climate and terroir quality of this vineyard is one of the best in the world to produce high-quality Tempranillo varietals.
  • Senorio de San Vicente – Located in the DOCA Rioja, this winery is located in an extraordinary place called La Canoca. The features of this vineyard are so unique that it is ideal for growing a rare and indigenous grape varietal, Tempranillo Peludo.
  • Vinedos de Paganos – This is also one of the most important vineyards in the DOCA Rioja region. The viticultural practices and natural extravaganza of this place are ideal for growing some of the best Tempranillos you can ever see in the world.
  • Teso La Monja – In the last decade or so, the Toro appellation has been getting special treatment from the expert winemaking team at the company. So, this has become one of the popular vineyards in the DO Tora area.
  • Dominio de Eguren – This is the place that creates exquisite and special wines but releases them into the market at affordable prices.

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