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Silver Oak Cellars

About Silver Oak Cellars

The origin and story of Silver Oak Cellars began with a handshake and meeting between two friends having a bold dream and vision. The two, Ray Twomey Duncan and Justin Meyer, wished to focus on a single grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon. Ray was an entrepreneur from Colorado who invested in several Californian vineyards during the late 1960s. On the other hand, Justin was a winemaker trained at the Christian Brothers. The two worked together to establish the winery in 1972 in Napa Valley. 

Since its set up, Silver Oak Cellars gradually grew in fame and popularity. The vineyards owned by the winery remain located in Alexander Valley and Napa Valley. The plots stretch over 400 acres. They get farmed using leading-edge technologies and approaches. The quality of both the lands allowed Silver Oak Cellars to develop and produce the highest-quality wines. It permitted the Cabernets they manufactured to be of world-class standards, precisely what the winery aimed to do. 

Silver Oak Cellars incorporates sustainable viticultural and farming practices in its vineyards. It strives to deal with the minimum possible impact and effect on the environment and natural resources. They aim to do so long-term to allow the business to thrive and remain healthy without compromising and degrading the next generation’s reserves and possessions. The winery’s objective is to continue this approach and process of sustainability from the vineyards to the tasting rooms and cellars. 

Silver Oak Cellars uses precision viticulture to understand the various aspects of the land and manage them in the best possible manner. For instance, they measure the vine’s photosynthesis rate, water loss, and other similar factors and employ appropriate steps to control them accordingly. It allows the winery to make informed and suitable irrigation decisions that improve the quality of the wines produced using the grapes.

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