Some Young Punks

Some Young Punks

About Some Young Punks

Quality wines need quality labels - Some Young Punks have taken artistic license both in label design as well as what is inside the bottle. Every new wine is created with a new label, and that label shall only be produced the next year if the quality is consistent and as good as the previous. Therefore you can be rest assured that each time you try a SYP wine, it will be as good as the last.

We love their take on blending international varieties and have chosen the blends from their line up that we love. From the Italian themed Sangiovese/Shiraz Squid's Fist which cries with character and intrigue to their Shiraz/Mataro (aka Mourvèdre) Naked on Roller Skates which as is brill every day drinker showing rich black fruits and cocoa. We take every opportunity to try these great wines so check back as we (no doubt) add more wines to the line up.

With three young wine makers behind the brand, based out of McLaren Vale and Clare Valley, you can be sure can see more exciting wines and more psychedelic labels.

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