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Sons of Eden

About Sons of Eden

Sons of Eden’s history started in 2000 when it was established, and at the time, it was deeply involved in high-quality wine crafting. Barossa varieties are from thirty unique vineyards that are handpicked and processed in the small-batch winery with very little intervention. This is what gives the wines such a strong individuality sense. 

The sons Simon Cowhan and Corey Rayan have 50 Barossa vintages amassed between them, and their focus remains crafting wines of world-class quality. Eden Australia has received awards and recognitions locally and internationally, which has made them recognised as high-quality winemakers. 

Corey Ryan is a winemaker. He is trained as an oenologist and, according to him, a wine tragic. He is passionate about winemaking and has much experience. Simon Cowhan is a viticulturist. He has expertise in vine propagation, and he plays a big role in the sons of Eden. He is passionate about the sons of Eden vineyards from where fruits are sourced. He has had the opportunity to influence the wine styles by understanding the vineyard dynamics, mother nature, and management. 

Sons of Eden source their grapes from some of the world’s oldest vines using guarded traditions. There are two sub-regions which are Eden valley and Barossa valley. Barossa valley has cool nights, warm days, and sunshine. Vines in this area help produce some of the best red wines with restrained concentration and finesse. 

Eden valley has a cool climate and a high altitude which results in aromatic Rieslings with balanced acidity. The vineyards are unique, and there are consistent differences in the wine qualities and grapes used at sons of Eden. They source them from sites all through Barossa, which makes it possible for them to produce wines that have individual personalities. 

Some of the regions are quite difficult to get any returns, and some vineyards yield very low. However, sons of Eden strive to preserve the fruit to give some outstanding quality and some of the best wines in the region.

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