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Sophie Baron

About Sophie Baron

Sophie Baron aims at excellence. These are winemakers and wine growers with a great passion for the art. This passion allows them to make the most out of their terroirs. The winery is owned by the baron Fuentes family. The winery has been broadening its approach since 2011 with the introduction of Lete Vautrain family brand. The family did some great work, and because of this, Ignace and Sophie Baron worked at keeping their independence and identity. There are different wine ranges produced here, including exceptional range, grands cepages range, Espirit range, and classic range. The baron family has been involved in the wine business for a long time. There are Charly sur Mane vines which have been in existence since the 17th century. These are located on the Marne valley hillsides, west of the wine-growing region (champagne). The true history of Baron Fuente House began in 1962. This was when Dolores Fuente and Gabriel Baron received one hectare of vines as their wedding present from Gabriel's father. Champagne baron Fuente was then established in 1967. This was when the fort cuvees were produced from their vines. 

Gabriel and Dolores worked hard to make things work, and later, their children joined in to help the business flourish even further. The first was Sophie in 1983. Sophie learned about the wine-growing business from her father and understood how demanding it could be. She got to know the secrets of the emblematic grapes and champagne hillsides. This was the only way to run vineyards. 

In 1992, Ignace joined in, and his passion was the production of champagne bubbles. He was taught more about wines by his father and their family traditions. His father retired and allowed Ignace to come up with his style. Since Ignace joined in, he has been passionately making baron Fuente champagnes. He deeply respects the historical family style, terroir, and modern winemaking techniques. Baron Fuente continued evolving with the second generation from 2000 onward. The cellar was expanded in 2000 to help conserve the wine conditions. With the evolution, the ageing of bottles could be prolonged beyond what is considered the average duration. The second cellar was expanded in 2007 and, with sealing and labelling, was modernised. Modern and new equipment was introduced to combine quality and technology and best working conditions for better outcomes. Sophie and Ignace still run the business with great success. 

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