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Spottswoode Estate

About Spottswoode Estate

Founded in 1882, Spottswoode Estate is a reputable winery established by Mary Weber Novak on the western rim of St. Helena. Lying at Mayacamas Mountains’ foot, it started as a supplier of high-quality and highly demanded grapes. Ten years after she built the reputation of the Estate, Mary hired Tony Soter, a winemaker and set up the Spottswoode Winery in 1982. It was in this year that she released the winery’s first batch of Cabernet Sauvignon. It marked the estate’s hundred years since its founding. 

Mary began expanding the reach of Spottswoode Estate and its winery with the help and support of Tony. She began implementing sustainable and organic viticulture practices in the vineyards. Today, Beth Novak Milliken, Mary Weber Novak’s daughter, manages the operations of the winery. Her sister, Lindy Novak, works in the position of Marketing Ambassador. The winery remains committed to creating wines of high integrity that can reflect their origin and source with the utmost faith. 

The terroirs owned by Spottswoode prove ideal for growing and cultivating grapes of excellent standard. The soil is of an alluvial clay loam type and provides outstanding drainage abilities. The area gets blessed by refreshing maritime breezes passing through in the space between the Mayacamas range and the Spring Mountain. Additionally, the workers prevent the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides to maintain the natural quality of the soil. A combined effect of all these factors forms the perfect environment that allows the grapes to ripen slowly for the best taste. 

The fame of Spottswoode rises every year as it produces and distributes an Estate Sauvignon Blanc and an Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Both are delectable wines that leave all drinkers wanting more. Nevertheless, all wines produced by the winery are known for their balance, classic structure, and refined elegance.

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