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Established in 1570, the Chateau de Saint Cosme is beautiful winery located towards the north of the oldest wine region of France, Gigondas. This is a family-run vineyard and currently, the 14th generation of the Barroul family runs this historic winery and the ancient estate surrounding it.  The quality of grapes produced at Saint Cosme is unique, because the geographical location, climate and the soil quality of this region are very rare. 

Located between two geological faults, the terroirs in this locality are very complicated and apt for producing exquisite quality of grapes. Currently, the fruits are cultivated on three uniquely-different and fertile terroirs at Saint Cosme. They are Le Poste, Le Claux and Hominis Fides. The history of the Le Poste vineyard dates back to as early as the 14th century.  The Le Claux and Hominis Fides started functioning from 1902 onwards.

The Le Poste terroir was marked as one of the best soils around half a century ago, because of its unique limestone and sand combination.  The Le Claux terroir is made of limestone clay and small gravels while the Hominis Fides has very high limestone content in it.

Currently, Saint Come has over 15 old vines and their average age is 60 years. Though only Gigondas wines were created here for a long time, it was during 1997 that a new variety of vigneron was added to the Barroul family’s portfolio. This came to be known as the Negociant Vigneron.

Most of the wines that are crafted by this brand are blends of different grape varietals. 50% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah, 7% Cinsault and 3% Claritte is the most usual combination of varietals used for making these blends.  The wines created here have a strong flavour and character because the grapes are not destemmed during the winemaking process. Cluster fermentation is done in historical Gallo-Roman vats, which ensure that the flavour of the fruits is retained completely while making wines.

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