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Located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Stedt Wines specialises in making small batches of handmade wines with the finest quality of precision and elegance. Chris Lubberstedt and his wife, Ja’Nien, set up the Stedt Wines brand in 2015. Having grown up in Napa Valley, both of them had an inward passion for wines right from their young age. After moving to Oregon in 1995, the couple wanted to exhibit the richness of Oregon terroirs to the world through this brand.

Chris and his wife give a lot of importance to the vineyard, where the fruits are grown. Every wine made from this label is made from a single varietal of fruit grown in a single vineyard. So, they choose their vine plots very carefully to ensure that the fruits represent the true character of the soil where they are planted. The vineyards where fruits for Stedt Wines are created are located in the following areas:

  • Lamonti Vineyard – Located in the Columbia George AVA, this vineyard is located at a height of 1400ft above sea level. Volcanic loam soils, hot days and cool evenings lend a lot of intensity and aroma to the fruits grown here.
  • Dauenhauer Farms Vineyard – This vineyard is located in the Willamette Valley, towards the eastern side of the Eola-Amity Hills. The first vines were planted here in the 1980s by the Dauenhauer family. The soil quality here is unique as they are mainly from deposits from the Missoula Floods.
  • Julon Vineyard – Also located in the Willamette Valley, this vineyard is blessed by coastal winds and maritime climate. Therefore, the Pinot Noirs grown here have high acid content.
  • Risdall Ranch Shafer Vineyard – This is located towards the north of Forest Grove and at the base of the coast range mountains. The Risdall family follows sustainable viticultural processes in this vineyard.

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