About Stellenrust

Established in 1928, Stellenrust has never looked back in the business of winemaking. Since its inception, the company has produced the finest wines in the entire Stellenbosch region of South Africa. Stellenrust is also blessed to be located in an area most suitable for winemaking. The estate sits between Stellenbosch’s Golden Triangle Area, renowned internationally for having some of South Africa’s best soils for red wine, and the Bottelary Hills, famous for the late afternoon cool breeze coming from Cape Town and the cool climate suitable to nurture red and white wines. 

Stellenrust is one of the largest family-owned wine estates in South Africa, with generations of experience and the motto of “where excellence meets winemaking” reflect in every Stellenrust bottle. Stellenrust even provided the opportunity to the public to make their signature wine with the facilities at Stellenrust, starting from 2003. 

Stellenrust is the proud owner of several luxury ranges of wines, including the Kleine Rust Cellar Collection, Super Premium Range, Premium Range and Ultra Premium Range. Wines proudly produced by Stellenrust includes: 

Stellenrust Cabernet Franc 2016: With the smell of tobacco, cherries and ripe blue cherries, the Cabernet Franc 2016 brings a palette of herbs, sweet and sour berries, cedar tobacco spice with refreshing acidity. It is best enjoyed with the company though it goes well with lamb and beef.

Stellenrust Timeless 2017: The wine comes with a fresh menthol aroma and a palette enhanced by mint chocolate, cassis and dark berries. Well-balanced tannins concentrated in the middle of the palette adds to the finish of the wine. 

Stellenrust Chardonnay ‘Wild Yeast’ Barrel Fermented 2020: Loaded with the aroma of toasted almond and ripe citrus fruit, the wines contain a palette with concentrated nut flavours, notes of peaches and a mineral finish. The butterscotch palate and acidity are protected by well-judged oak.

Stellenrust Merlot 2019: The wine offers ripe plum and black currant flavours with tones of licorice. The oak opens to a creamy palette, enhanced by velvety tannins having a sweet and sour tang.

Stellenrust Sauvignon Blanc 2020: Providing crisp acidity and lots of herbs and yellow summer fruit, the wine comes with a mineral core that supports a blackcurrant finish. 

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