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Stone Barn

About Stone Barn

Since it comes from the stables of the reputed Delicato Family Vineyards, the brand of Stone Barn Wines has earned a name for itself in the premium wines category. Their wines are true representations of the flavour and character of the grapes and the quality of soil in which they are cultivated. You need to taste these wines to understand the richness of the wine-growing regions of California.

This brand ensures that from the time the grape is cultivated on the soil until the time it is bottled to be exported or sold, they follow a process that is true to their culture. It is not without reason that only those grapes grown in the premium Californian vineyards are selected for making the wines under this brand. Currently, Stone Barn Wines makes the following wines:

California Cabernet Sauvignon – These are made from medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietal and come with a dominant blackberry and vanilla aroma. You will taste flavours of ripe plum, black cherry and toasted oak here.

California Chardonnay – Fresh, medium-bodied Chardonnay varietals are used for crafting this wine. It comes with the pleasant aromas of lemon & green apple. It gives out fruity flavours (pear & citrus) that have a light vanilla touch to it. 

California Merlot – This is a very fruity wine made from Merlot grape varietals. It contains the aromas of blackberry, cherry and sweet herbs. The flavours you get to enjoy here are those of black cherry and ripe plums.

California White Zinfandel – If you love light and crispy wines, this is the one for you! It comes with fruity aromas (strawberry and watermelon) while it has flavours of pomegranate, watermelon and strawberry in it.

California Zinfandel – This wine is made from medium-bodied Zinfandel varietals and comes with the aromas of blueberry, black cherry and spices. It gives out the flavours of concentrated ripe stone fruit, toasted oak and dark berry.

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