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Since the eighteenth century, the Tessari family has resided and farmed in Fittà, a little rural community perched on the slopes of Soave Classico. But, the legacy of Suavia didn't start until later, in 1982, when the father and mother, Giovanni and Rosetta, decided to go it alone and build a name for themselves by crushing their own grapes and producing their own wine after realising the immense potential of their location. The name Suavia is reminiscent of earlier mentions of Soave. Three sisters, Meri, Valentina, and Alessandra, continue the family history and administer the winery today, always working in Fittà, where everything began.

Their 70-acre vineyard estate is in the heart of the Soave appellation's Classico region. It is a region made up of high-altitude volcanic hills that may exceed 340 meters in height. Due to the great exposure provided by the hills, the climate in the hills here is colder than in the plain sections of Soave, and the vines greatly benefit from the range of temperature and many hours of sunlight. An extra benefit is the soil itself, which came from the active volcanic activity that took place beneath the sea in the middle of the Eocene era. It has completely distinct chemical and physical characteristics among Italian wine-growing regions. It comprises basaltic rocks markedly altered by deep-lying minerals (especially iron, magnesium, and manganese).

In their vineyards, they solely plant the two Soave native varietals, Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave. These slopes have been home to these two white grapes for many years. The vines grown by their grandparents are now more than 70 years old and represent the arduous legacy of several generations. These vines are living testimonials of historical heritage that must be preserved. Also, all their wine production is organic, and their philosophy incorporates green techniques to demonstrate their appreciation for the environment and the land.

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