Symington Family Estates Altano

Symington Family Estates Altano

About Symington Family Estates Altano

The Altano line of wines is a proud production of the Symington family, who have an experience of five generations in making Port at the Douro. Today, the family owns about 26 Quintas in the Douro Superior and the prime Cima-Corgo subregions, the largest in the Douro region. The family started producing Douro DOC wines in 1999 from their vineyards, and the wines currently enjoy a global reputation for their quality and distinctiveness.

The Symingtons strongly believe in the indigenous grape varieties of the Douro region and strive to showcase the natural fragrance, flavours and aroma of the Douro with their wines. The family follows sustainable viniculture practices with minimum interventions both in the vineyard and winery.

The family produces the Altano red wines from the grapes of their family vineyard. In contrast, Altano white wines are made from the grapes from vineyards in higher altitudes, with whose owners the Symingtons are in contact since 1900. All wines from Altano are produced from the traditional grape varieties of Portugal, conditioned by the challenging Douro Valley weather. 

Some of the famous wines from the Altano line include:

Altano Red Wine: Made from the Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca varieties of grapes, the Altano red wine is a well-structured, elegant and generous drink with red fruit flavours, ripe tannins and spices. The wine brings a scented floral aroma and pressed wine fruit to the front, providing enthusiasts with a soft palette.

Altano White Wine: Loaded with wildflower aromas and citrus and fruit scents, the Altano white wine has a palate has tropical fruit flavours with crisp acidity. The wine is best served in summer evenings.

Altano Rewilding Edition: This unique new blend from the Altano line has well-balanced fruit with spice tannins and crisp acidity. It is enhanced by floral rock rose scents and vibrant red fruit aromas.

Altano Organic: With a long finish and a perfect balance, the Altano Organic wine is made from the organic grapes of the Symington vineyard. An excellent structure with focused fruit and ripe red fruit and floral aromas, the Altano Organic comes with an intense garnet colour, providing an aesthetic treat to the users.

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