About Tabula

A group of financially-sound entrepreneurs located in Spain’s premium wine region of Castilla Y Leon area got together to fund the Tabula Winery that was established in 2002. The main aim of setting up this winery was to locate a premium vineyard in the locality and to plant rich vines there to create high-quality grapes that could represent the richness of the terroirs.

Jose Luis Munoz, the creator of Tabula, knew quite a lot about this objective. Therefore, he and his team set out to work as soon as Tabula was established. They spent a lot of time in researching the plots located in Ribera del Duero in the Valladolid province to choose the best sites for planting vines. Eventually, they set up a 22-hectare vineyard in Valladolid, between Olivares and Valbuena de Duero. This continues to be the primary vineyard of Tabula Wines, and cellars were also built in the coming years at this location.

In 2010, Tabula estate extended its ownership to 5 more hectares in La Morejona. Here, 60-year old vines are planted to bring out the best of the terroirs, where they were planted. In addition to these, the management team of Tabula also supervises 20 hectares owned by nearby vine grower to improve the quality of grapes grown in this region.

Since the vineyards were chosen with a lot of care and research, it is only natural that the team of Tabula does invest a lot of time in harvesting and sorting the fruits to ensure that only the best ones are sent to the vats. A modern and sophisticated cellar was opened in 2003 to age the beautiful Tabula wines. The cellars are clearly sorted into two parts. In the first, stainless steel vats are used to ferment the Damana range of wines. In the second, French oak vats are used to ferment the Tabula range of wines.

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