About Talenti

It takes a lot of love for the craft of winemaking to identify the potential of a particular place and fall in love with it at first sight. That’s exactly what happened to Pierluigi Talenti when he shifted his base from the Romagna Mountains to the Montalcino Hills. The sheer quality of the place and its rich wine-producing potential made Talenti want to settle down here and create his own brand of wines, Talenti, that would go on to become one of the reputed names in the Italian wine market.

Currently, the grandson of Pierluigi takes care of the management of the Talenti Wine Estate. Pierluigi spent many years in selecting the plots in Montalcino Hills, where Sangiovese varietals had to be grown. Therefore, the grapes produced here are unique when compared to the varietals produced in other parts of the world.Today, the Talenti vineyards are stretched across 40 hectares and they are located in the midst of natural beauty such as olive grows and oak wood trees.

Out of the 22 hectares that are under vine, 16 are exclusively dedicated to growing the Sangiovese varietal. This varietal is grown only on those plots that have been selected by the Talenti family after years of research. The remaining 6 hectares are planted with international vines such as Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet.

At the cellar, the winemaking experts at Talenti estate combine a brilliant blend of modern and traditional techniques. The fruits are hand-harvested to sort them by quality, so that only the best are sent for further processing. The wines are allowed to mature for a long time (about 2 years) in Allier and Slavonia woods to enrich their original character and aroma. This is the main reason why Talenti Wines are quite distinct and unique when compared to other Italian wines.

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