About Tedeschi

The name Tedeschi is synonymous with the Valpolicella region, with documents of the estate dating back to the 17th century. Since the 1630s, the family have worked within the region, shaping and influencing its vineyards and landscape. Today their association with Valpolicella, its terroirs and its leading wines is recognised worldwide.

The Tedeschi winery is a premium family-owned and run winery and today, Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo continue the legacy of this family-run business. Attention to tradition, focus on innovation, and knowledge of the local territory are the key elements that make up the identity of their estate.

The family are convinced that each of their wines is born out of their territory and history. Their distinctive characters are the result of 400 years of intense passion and research in their vineyards in Valpolicella.

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