Tenuta Argentiera

Tenuta Argentiera

About Tenuta Argentiera

The history and story of Tenuta Argentiera began in 1999 when the Fratini family established the estate. The wine estate previously remained a part of the Donoratico estate. However, it came under the ownership of the Antinori family in 1999 and has remained with them ever since. The winery derives its name from “argento,” which translates to silver. It comes from the silver mines that once existed across the land over which Tenuta Argentiera stands today.

Located in the southernmost tip of the DOC and village of Bolgheri, the vineyards and parcels of Tenuta Argentiera lie approximately 200 meters above sea level. It allows the plots to experience excellent weather and climatic conditions. It, in turn, promotes grapevine growth and grape maturation. Additionally, the vineyards benefit from the area’s Mediterranean climate, allowing for the late ripening of the fruits of vine varieties like Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. It enables the grapes to become plump, sweet, and juicy.

The region and the vineyards owned by Tenuta Argentiera have highly diverse soil. It consists of galestro, clay, rocky, and schist-stonier type in high-lying areas. On the other hand, the places with low elevation possess sandier and lighter soils. Nonetheless, the land promotes grapevine growth and grape harvesting.

Tenuta Argentiera’s property extends over 80 hectares, encompassing four parcels in the Maremma coastal area. They remain bordered by pasture lands, olive groves, and pine forests. The staff and workers at the winery consider the land their highest priority. They strive to ensure that the wines produced and sold by Tenuta Argentiera possess the ability and capability to represent the elegance and strength of nature. It makes the winery’s products stand out among the rest of their kind in the winemaking industry, allowing the drinks to gain immense fame across the entire globe.

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