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Tenuta Di Arceno

About Tenuta Di Arceno

Tenuta di Arceno has passed through the hands of three different families over the years. Two of them, the De Jaja family and the Piccolomini family, are prominent Italian families. The Del Jaja family purchased the land bit by bit in 1504, indulging in estate expansion and agricultural enhancements. In 1829, the Piccolomini family bought the estate from the Del Jaja family. The Piccolominis added to the estate's beauty by building gardens, lakes and villas in the estate. In 1994, the estate came under the Jackson family's ownership when Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke bought it. The estate is among the first estates of the Jackson family outside California. 

Tenuta di Arceno covers 1000 hectares, out of which 92 hectares are allotted for vine cultivation. Fifty hectares of the estate is set aside for olive orchards and the rest to preserve the natural vegetation. The 92 hectares for vines are categorized into 63 distinct vineyard blocks, where 50% are planted with Sangiovese and 50% with other international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The ancient town of San Gusmè surrounds the vineyards of Tenuta di Arceno.

To ensure the quality of the wines, the team at Tenuta di Arceno adopted the micro cru viticultural philosophy. According to this wine-making philosophy, each vineyard is sub-divided into smaller blocks based on the soil types and individual terroir. Each micro cru has its vines, stems, rootstocks and viticulture practices determined by its soil type. The tending, harvesting and vinification of each of the micro crus take place separately, giving each micro cru its unique features. The combining of the micro crus takes place only during the vinification stage to create the wines. 

Before replanting the vineyards, the estate developed detailed topographic, climatic, and soil maps to understand the terrain's intricacies fully. Barbara Banke, the proprietor and chairman of the Jackson family, is involved in the rejuvenation of Tenuta di Arceno, along with her children Katie, Christopher and Julia. With the hard work of the estate team, the Jackson family have turned the estate into one of Chianti Classico's benchmark wineries. 

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