Tenuta di Biserno

Tenuta di Biserno

About Tenuta di Biserno

Tenuta di Biserno is one of the most revered and notable wineries in the commune of Bibbona in Italy’s Alta Maremma region. Established in 1995, the history of the wine estate began with the venture and endeavour of winemaker and wine-enthusiast Lodovico Antinori.

The fame and reputation of Tenuta di Biserno went on an uphill route in 2001 when Lodovico Antinori decided to develop the winery as an individual project. It differed from his initial plan of merging and integrating the wine estate into Ornellaia. Lodovico, with Piero Antinori, his brother, and Niccolo’ Marzichi Lenzi, his nephew, set out to make his dreams and aspirations a reality. Umberto Mannoni, a significant shareholder of the winery today, had joined them in their journey to bring the idea to life. It led to the establishment and setup of Tenuta Campo di Sasso and Tenuta di Biserno.

Tenuta di Biserno borders the historic Bolgheri village and enjoys the exceptional weather and climate of the region. The terroirs experience optimum sunlight exposure, wind currents, and rainfall. Such conditions allow the grapevines planted in the winery’s vineyards to thrive and grow to be of the highest quality. It, in turn, enables Tenuta di Biserno to produce and develop wines of top standard. They can deliver a distinctive, elegant, authentic, and unique taste to the consumers, compelling them to continue for more than a single sip.

The estate and vineyards comprising Tenuta di Biserno expand over 40 hectares. The plots have stony soil that is predominately alluvial. The pebbled land allows for ideal drainage. In addition to that, the vineyards have a presence of calcareous clay, making the land rich in calcium carbonate. It enables various grape varieties to grow well in the vineyards. The winery primarily uses Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc.

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